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Hello and welcome!

You have stumbled onto the personal website of Rion Bergquist, AKA Requiem, Finn MacShee, and a slew of LARP & RPG characters who's names and tales I can bore you with on request...

Ostensibly you came here on purpose.  Insomnia again?


But....  If you didn't and have no idea who I am, well, I'm not so sure myself, but I will take a stab at it. 

Have you ever seen the original Mary Poppins?  Remember Bert, the serial entrepreneur with an artistic streak?  Well he and I are likely kindred spirits. 

I am a husband, father, and cat servant who has lived primarily in Florida and Colorado.  I have spent most of my "day job" life working in the Telecom/Satellite industry. 


For fun I have designed, run and staffed at large scale fandom events, have been a nationally touring musician and band manager,  have dabbled in game design and writing,  and have constantly created new ideas, solutions to problems, and inventions. That last bit I generally find easier to do for others because they have to manage the follow through, but I have quite a few ideas that are mine that I am moving through the process to production (adulting is hard and I am easily distracted) (Also 2020 which was supposed to be the year that much of it launched was instead...  2020)

My hobbies?  Sarcasm, teaching, challenging, and embarrassing my children, letting my wife laugh at me, sarcasm, travelling, diving, PC & Console gaming, and playing RPGs & LARP (generally sarcastic characters)

As to the purpose of this site...  Well I am hoping to make it a nexus for some the things I do.  If you mouse-poke the tabs above you can find all manner of me.


Music: This tab hosts archival stuff for Pandora Celtica and Glass Roots (the bands I was in) and you can also find a bunch of my solo stuff

Musings: Fire and Flood is my political blog.  I say mine but it is a shared blog/vlog project.  The goal is to provide a place for Liberal and Conservative thinkers to have constructive conversations about what their political divergent peers think about various current topics and why.  Too much of political debate these days is screaming talking points into echo chambers.  We hope to provide a place for the spirit of the ancient Grecian forums of old to be channeled and embraced, in the hopes that a divided people can find similarity and calm understanding of reasoned differences.  Also there will be sarcasm.

Products:  Inventions...  As I mentioned above I have a few that I am working to release.  The first two, that I am trying to keep myself focused on are Dragon Poker and the MotoBrella.  Fell free to check out their tabs for a description of them and updates on their marketing and availability.  Clothing and more - As noted Sarcasm is an important component of my life and I like to share my snarky self in prose, specifically t-shirts  (and coffee mugs etc thanks to the likes of café press).  If you need some prose clothes, take a look at Naught Tease and see what I have in stock.


Events...  As mentioned, I used to design and run events.  I let that go to be a musician, and have since come to realize that I miss pretty much everything about event planning and execution, so I dredged up a bunch of old contacts, did some brain storming with them and am now working in my (obviously copious) spare time, in the field again.  I am a programming Director at Evil Expo and Events Director of By Night Studios.  Once Covid lets us have events again I intend to build a lot of gathers.  As those details finalized they'll be posted here. 

There is more to me, and more that needs to go on this site, but I figure at this point I have either resolved your insomnia, (Go team us!) 

OR.... if you are still reading, found a stalker,  er… rather... a new friend. 

In all seriousness, if you like any of what I am trying to do here and want to help, be involved or just own a piece of it, I am setting the site up to facilitate that.  I am contemplating a personal Patreon, it would allow access to things I am doing and planning that I haven't posted here. 


There is surprisingly, a lot.  If you want to talk to me about helping out with any of the above feel free to click contact.


Lastly, I know what it is like to have ideas yet feel you lack the resources to make them reality.  I am no guru, obviously, but as mentioned above, I like helping others innovate solutions for their challenges.  If you want to bounce an idea off of another dreamer, well, hit me up, I will do my best to at least give you a listen and an honest opinion.

Thanks, and again, welcome to...  me.

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