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Glass Roots

Genre: Folk

Band Members:  Leora Wambach, Rion Bergquist, Amity Rose 

Hometown: Denver Colorado

About: We were an alternative folk band. We are unrepentant harmony addicts who played original music as well as covers of pop & traditional music. 


During one of Pandora Celtica's audition cycles we were overwhelmed with, frankly, more talent than we could handle as a band.  Leora, who had both written for and performed with us before was one of our finalists. 


For her audition, to dispel concerns that her personal style wasn't "Celtic Enough" she wrote and sang an original custom piece, in our style, and blew us away.


Though she ultimately was not the band's choice I decided to approach her about doing a side project with her.  

Leora agreed to give it a shot, and we started trying to figure out who and what we would be. 


I feel I need to add something at this point, Leora is a song writing machine.  I could walk into practice with a concept, or a few clever words, or a tune fragment and expect that within a short time, generally before practice was over, that she would have a complete song ready to be worked on. 


It was stunning.  

We struggled with adding members, booking gigs and making regular practice time and ultimately, with my move out of Denver, we had to step away.  But not before we had recorded an album and Leora had written enough music for 2 or 3 more.  


Considering some of her past dealings in the music scene she has justifiable concern about releasing any of this.  It is my hope that the internet audience will notice our music, recognize her talent, and demand more of it.

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