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Musings of a cluttered mind

Those that know me are aware that I have a bit of an imagination, that, coupled with a decent sense of humor, occasional bouts of sarcasm, and a "slight" passion for ideas and beliefs often results in what I feel are blogworthy commentary. 


You of course may disagree, and that is perfectly fine, there are lots of other corners of the internet where you might find things that are more to your liking, I wish you luck in finding such.  

Still here?  Ok, good, you asked for it.

I am Conservative in my fiscal beliefs, Constitutionalist in my desires for government involvement and Classically Liberal in my wishes for societal growth and acceptance.  I am also blunt, this bothers many people.  But if you don't want to be exposed to the thoughts of such as me, as mentioned before, there are countless other options.  I am not here to offend, I am here to entertain, provoke thought and to hold controversial debate points for philosophical discussion.  And to tell stories about my missteps, successes, failures and triumphs.  And make fun of myself.


If your interest is strictly political, I invite you to click on Fire and Flood.

And, if your interest is strictly in my nonpolitical irreverent and humorous take on life and the challenges it throws at us, then I think you will enjoy Bards Tales 


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