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Pandora Celtica was an Acapella band based in Colorado.  The band was started as a Colorado Renn Faire group that initially consisted of Shadowcat, Traveler Hawk and Discordia. 


After the faire season was over they realized they wanted more voices and more harmonies.


By the next season they had added Ethereal and me (Requiem) and we were a 5 part

Celtic vocal group.  A year or so later I took over management and booking for the group.


Over the next decade or so the band grew and changed in various ways.  Adding new members as existing members retired and increasing our range, products and fanbase. 


We got to perform at Farieworlds, DragonCon, Wicked Faire and even in Vegas (at the Vegas Renn Faire) and everywhere we went we managed to make new fans and impress the venues, such that generally we became a staple at annual shows.


By 2014 we were performing coast to coast and had recorded 5 albums and were working on our sixth.


That was the year I chose to leave. 


If I had it to do over I would do things differently, it is easy to see better paths in the rear view mirror.


The band soldiered on without me until 2016 and then due to life getting in the way and additional members moving away, the remaining members retired.


Some of my fondest memories involve our adventures together.  It was a lot of fun and I miss it.

As the band manager I collected all manner of our music over the years.  Aside from the 5 albums released while I was in the band and the 6th that the remaining members put together as a farewell not much else has been available.  I mean to change that. 


There is a lot of additional content out there.  Videos, studio and rehearsal out takes, unreleased studio work, live albums etc.  As they come to light I may offer up archival things that have not been otherwise released for your listening pleasure here. 

First up, album 5.5, "Aeronaut Interrupted"

In 2014 we were in the midst of recording Pandora Celtica's 6th album, while touring all over the country, and holding down day jobs.  But we didn't get to finish it.  I left the group and the rest of the band recorded new music and released it some time later.  This is the music that was left on the cutting room floor.  

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