When crazy people start talking about putting their political opponents on lists, bad things happen. Historically, targeted groups have had to wear clothing/badges so they could be easily picked out of a crowd. But this is the United States, and rather than let some crazy leftists design a badge for us, I challenged my daughter to come up with a design for proud conservatives to wear, a design that tells the world that you are the kind of person the left thinks should be on a list. Our hope is that just like embracing nicknames and slanders of the past (deplorables anyone?) that we can pre-empt their hatred with mockery of our own, all while showing off our national pride. My daughter designed this "target" in warning colors to let the haters know that targeting us is a bad idea, that we have love of country at our core and that we supported and continue to support Donald Trump.

We can put this design on most anything you want and have an order of patches on the way.

All the profits from this go to my daughter (the 10 year old) as she designed it and intends to use the profits to pay her own way through college. Help her out, mock liberals, hold the line.

(Pricing varies by product, email us your request for details)

The Badge (of honor)