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What the heck do I mean by that? 


Well, when I was managing Pandora Celtica we realized that our fans wanted to consume more of us than we had musically, so I tasked everyone with coming up with a product line for their character.  As Requiem I sold knives, band themed flasks and T-Shirts with snarky sayings.  Not all the venues appreciated the knives and flasks, and quite a few people were deeply offended by the shirts, as such, the shirts were my best seller.  I still have stock of shirts, and as the potential snark on shirts was not limited to just what I had made at the time there is more.  So, Naught Tease gets a page.


Then of course there is the music, but its got its own section.

There are a couple of inventions that are in various stages of production that will get tabs when their respective kickstarters are nearer release, and...


There is Dragon Poker, for which the kickstarter, finally, is in the works.  This product will launch this year, keep an eye on its tab for updates.

Lastly, on the coming soon horizon, are several pieces of...  we will call them literature.  I have an interested publishing house and thus I am pretty much the primary barrier to their release.

Firstly I am working on two books written by my father that I am helping to edit, fill out and get published.  I'd give you the titles but that would give too much away, so that will have to wait for actual public release readiness.  At least one of them will be out this year.

The next literature project is one of my own design called Cube Monkey, it's a series, and I am sorting out details in regards to art, and will be able to release more about it once we are closer to publication.  The first of the Cube Monkey series should be out later this year or early next.  

The various books will get tabs when they are closer to done.

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